Pine Green Academy
Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Primary Curriculum

At The Greens in our Primary Phase, we aim to provide an ambitious, creative and progressive curriculum. It is purposely designed to be dynamic and flexible, allowing for adaptation when responding to the unique needs and talents of each child. Its framework allows for us to capture imagination and interest, regardless of circumstance. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that our children thrive and continue to flourish beyond their time at The Greens.


We always set high expectations for our students, establishing what they already know and building on their strengths, allowing time to nurture their abilities and providing opportunities to succeed. The structure and pace of our learning activities allow students to be challenged whilst developing their independent learning skills. We pay particular attention to barriers to learning and by using our expertise, sensitivity and understanding we work hard to identify and minimise them. By responding to our students’ needs in a flexible way, we are able to identify when the learning experience leads to frustration, and by building in a mix of physical activity and a blend of low and high awareness tasks, students learn to manage these tricky times in positive ways.


The children in our setting respond well to flexible approaches to learning and our dedicated staff use this to encourage, motivate and promote academic curiosity through a multitude of learning opportunities. We know that our children all learn in different ways and we ensure appropriate learning materials to match all learning styles. We encourage children to try new experiences, we allow children to experience failure in order to develop their resilience and minimise their fear of making mistakes and we include them in the planning of their learning so that they can be inspired and excited by what lies ahead.


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