Pine Green Academy
Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At Pine Green Academy Secondary Phase, we believe reading and writing is the gateway to all learning, alongside the development of language and communication skills. All these skills are critical for our individual students to progress and become successful learners. All of our children have a right to develop their reading and writing skills in order to develop essential life skills for modern Britain, which helps them flourish and reach their full potential. Through a creative, cross-curricular approach and discrete lessons, we strive to give all children the tools to access literacy, which will open doors to a wide range of opportunities and promote a lifelong love of learning.


In Key stage 3 & 4, students receive five differentiated English lessons per week, this is in addition to extra literacy, reading, group supported and 1:1 lessons. These are designed to continually improve reading, writing, language, and communication skills. Our English scheme of work is designed to meet all of our students needs and they are grouped accordingly, so that all their lessons are suited to meet all the diverse needs of their learning.


In Key stage 3, students follow a programme of study incorporating a wide range of appropriate differentiated and engaging activities. This promotes English as a fun and enjoyable subject to learn, while always maintaining the development of their literacy skills. Furthermore, Students in year 9 begin their step into qualifications by beginning their Entry Level English accreditation, this supports individual development towards their GCSE’s.


In key stage 4, students work on consolidating all of their English language skills and follow a programme of study, leading to a range of qualifications based on individual learning pathways. These pathways include GCSE English Language, Functional Skills English Level 1 & 2 and Entry Level English 1,2 & 3 .