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Remote Education

Remote learning programme from January 2020


Our Remote Learning Programme includes a range of different methods of delivery to ensure that we are responsive and adaptive to the needs of the pupils attending The Greens.

Remote learning provision and expectations:


  • Students will receive their remote education via Microsoft Teams. Parents can view their child’s remote education via their Microsoft Teams log in.
  • Work for students who are struggling to access Microsoft Teams, will be provided via a work pack.
  • Students will be called daily by staff at The Greens. This call will assist parents and pupils with their remote learning.  We would ask parents to inform us if their child is ‘absent’ and is not able to participate in remote lessons that day. Please contact your child’s year team on the following email address.



  • Routine checks will be made on student engagement and completion of work. Parents will be contacted if there are concerns about attendance to lessons and the quality of work completed. Parents are invited to use the daily call to discuss any challenges they are facing with their child’s engagement.
  • Regular feedback will be given to students through a range of assessment methods. This will be both verbal and written and through self-marking tests. 

In addition, the Digital Support team in the school will be available to support both students and parents / carers with all issues and queries regarding Digital Technologies and laptops.

For all requests, please email

The Department for Education’s have been working hard to increase mobile data allowances for children and young people during remote learning. To find out more click below.

How can I keep my child safe when accessing remote education?

As a parent or carer supporting a child with remote learning, you may wish to access further guidance on how you can keep your child safe when working online.

Information on digital safety and well-being can be found here  Home life - Skills for Tomorrow | BT

Teams Help

Video Tutorial to help access Microsoft Teams