Pine Green Academy
Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Secondary Curriculum

At Pine Green Academy Secondary Phase, we aim to support a child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing , recognising the importance of this and the central role it plays in a child’s schooling.  Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into account their educational and emotional needs as well as providing them with access to core subjects, vocational options, careers and work skills, enrichment opportunities and an extensive wellbeing programme.  Our staff work hard to develop positive relationships with the student, they receive ongoing training in the area of mental health and wellbeing and are supported to reflect on their practice.  We work to develop good relationships with families and carers with our primary focus being the needs of the child in school.


By working together as a whole school, we aim to support our students in making positive, thoughtful choices in all areas of their lives. We aim to give them the tools to become good citizens and to think about not only their rights but also their responsibilities. By listening to the needs of our students, we focus on providing them with the skills to successfully navigate their relationships with Respect, Courage, Honesty, Compassion and Integrity. Thus providing them with the tools to be successful, active participants in their futures.


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